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New Study Showing Preschool Education Sets Children Up For Future Academic Excellence

Research continues to support what many parents and teachers already know: preschool education can provide children with a strong foundation for academic success. Shifting into a school environment is a big change for many youngsters but researchers have found that children who are afforded opportunities to participate in high-quality preschool programs have an easier time adjusting to the school environment and are more likely to excel.
Flexible Programs for Flexible Minds
Young children have more flexible minds compared to adults and even older children. As a result, preschool programs can have a dramatic impact, providing positive support for the development of various skills and positive habits. This includes not just following directions and picking up academic skills but also crucial social talents. By immersing a child in the learning environment at a young age, you can help your child hone his or her academic and social skills.
Some children struggle with separation anxiety when they start school. Preschool programs can offer an easier way to adjust as the learning environment often focuses on learning through play. The earlier years of school also emphasize learning through play, but there tends to be more structure day in and day out. For many children, the less structured environment in preschool programs feels more like play at home. This familiarity may make it easier to cope with separate anxiety.
Preschool programs also allow education specialists to work closely with students and cultivate a learning environment that bolsters their strengths while also helping to address weaknesses. Children who participate in a high-quality preschool program can thus get off to a faster start once they start kindergarten and the early years of elementary school.
The Importance of STEAM
Many of the best preschool programs emphasize a holistic STEAM approach. Science, technology, engineering, art, and math are key topics that allow children to develop a diverse array of skills. Of course, the teaching approach is catered to the needs of young children, both at the individual and cohort levels. The lessons often aren’t technically complex, but an early introduction to math, reading, and other vital skills can make later pursuits in such subjects less intimidating.
Putting the Future First
Parents want what is best for their children. For many youngers, this means enrolling in a top-notch preschool program that emphasizes a holistic approach to learning in terms of both subjects and general skills.
According to USA Facts, only about two-thirds of preschool-aged children attend early education programs. Keep in mind that the best preschool in Doral program now could pave the way for your child’s future success, so participation should be a top priority. Get in touch with us at Key Point Academy Doral to start the enrollment process.