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What Does Karate Teach Preschoolers?

Looking for a great way to teach your children focus and applied effort? Want to boost their physical health and equip them with various useful skills? Karate classes taught at preschools can go a long way. Let’s take a look at some of the many things that karate classes can teach preschoolers and other small children.

1. Physical Skills

Karate is a physical hobby. The classes can help children learn how to balance and may improve hand-eye coordination and various other things. Karate may also help children maintain healthy weights, and a strong body could make them less prone to injuries.

2. Social Skills

Karate offers a great way for children to interact with others who share similar interests. Many children form lasting relationships through karate and other sports and programs. Further, social skills are crucial in essentially every stage of life.

3. Focus and Discipline

If your child wants to advance through a karate program, it’ll take quite a bit of focus and discipline. Many karate instructors bake lessons into their plans that further instill discipline. Focus, meanwhile, will help in school and later in life as well. Transitioning to school can be hard for some young children, but organized classes can help. It’s important to start early as roughly half of three and four-year-olds are enrolled in schools, such as preschools, according to the NCES.

4. Effort and Reward

As children advance through karate, they will gain various belts, including potentially the ever-famous black belt. Further, children will see their skills grow over time, driving home what consistent effort can deliver. Ultimately, this can pay off when your child goes to school, and even in adulthood. The right extracurriculars can truly get your child’s educational journey started off on the right foot. Ultimately, hard work pays off, and karate classes require a lot of hard, but rewarding, work.

5. Other Benefits of Karate

Outside of taught skills, karate also offers many other benefits. Your child may enjoy better physical health and classes can burn off energy. This can help children be more focused and less disruptive at home and school. Different children may receive different benefits from a karate program.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when considering karate for your child. At Key Point Academy Doral, we offer a safe and rewarding karate program for our students. Call today to learn more.