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Key Point Academy

Key Point Academy

Preschools in Doral

Quality Child Care

Key Point Academy Doral, offers your child a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment where teachers and parents work together to inspire and motivate children. Our staff encourages parent involvement and participation in order to create strong connections between home and school. Key Point Academy Doral is proud to sustain a well-balanced, organic and fresh gourmet meal program prepared daily for the children in our school.

Innovative Preschool

Key Point Academy Doral offers a challenging and empowering developmental and academic curriculum. Our innovative environments support exploration, investigation, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Children are encouraged to learn daily through hands-on experiences while receiving individualized academic support. Creative arts, Physical Education and S.T.E.A.M. programs are also incorporated in our weekly schedule.

Our Classes


In short, it was the best decision I made in my life when I chose this school, I am sure it is the best of El Doral, a thousand thanks to all your staff.

Jessica Mora
The school is excellent, all the teachers are very nice with the kids, I am very happy my son was able to attend the school for the past years, he learned a lot in many different subjects. Also the installations are new and very nice.
Alex A. Tupacyupanqui

Could not recommend enough… When we first walked through the doors of KPD, still hesitant due to Covid, we were greeted with warmth, love, and a safe, responsible environment designed to foster learning, creativity, and imagination. After 2 years, I can attest the exceptional level of commitment, attention to detail and love for the kids. KPD made our preschool experience and unforgettable one!

Ina Zerpa

If you have the opportunity to have your children in Key Point do it! My son is very happy there, they learn and have a lot of fun!

Mercedes Zekendorf
Looking for THAT daycare that will finally click! Look no further! I looked over 12 daycares and as soon as I entered Key Point Academy Doral I knew it was the right place for my baby boy! I am super happy with the teachers, the installations, the program and curriculum, they do give the extra mile for your baby!
Dina Pozo
I’m thrilled that I picked Keypoint for my son’s preschool. The staff members are extremely friendly and caring towards the children. The food they serve is of excellent quality, the activities are incredibly enjoyable, and the facilities are stunning. It’s also incredibly safe and clean. The parent involvement is fantastic, and I feel happy to be a part of the Key Point community.
Gabriela Garcia

As a mother of two young children you are always extra careful when it comes to caring for them so when I found these guys I was able to relax again at work knowing they are well taken care for. Thank you for giving me peace of mind while they are away from my care 🙂

Dani Elle

My son has been going to this preschool for the year and I’m very happy with the care and how much he has advance with his speaking skills, nobody can shut him up now lol. A big THANK YOU to all the staff for a wonderful job!!

Hollie Underwood

Fun Spot


This artistic dance will help your children express themselves and tell a story through the music. It develops great posture and grace, and who can resist the little “tu-tus”?


This discipline will teach your kids balance, coordination, respect for each other, and agility. It is great for preschoolers, boys and girls alike!

Private Piano

Individual Piano Lessons. Please call for more information.


The world’s most popular sport!! Soccer will teach your kids teamwork, leadership, coordination and love for sports.


Our Art program focuses on the exploration of a wide range of materials and mediums through open-ended activities that provide opportunities for enjoyment and self-expression.


Our STEAM program focuses on exposing children to activities that consist of combining multiple disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). STEAM activities encourage and promote observation, research, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

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