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Pre-k Program

Qualities to look for in a Pre-K program

Selecting a pre-k program for your child is an important decision. The choice you make may influence your child’s life in many important ways. As such, it’s recommended to do a research and get information from each of the preschool programs you’re considering. Let’s look at factors you should take into consideration:

Teacher-to-Student Ratio

The more preschool teachers there are, the better. A high teacher-to-student ratio means that teachers will be able to work in smaller groups. This allows teachers to provide more individualized attention, provide greater academic support and attend to each student’s needs. Generally, private schools offer the best teacher-to-student ratios. According to The Dallas Morning News, most private schools are small, with 87% having fewer than 300 students.

Experienced Teachers

It’s a wise idea to consider the profiles of the educators working in the preschool. Ideally, many of the teachers on staff will be highly qualified. Qualified educators bring wealth of experience and are knowledgeable in the field. These experienced teachers also have positive impact on newer ones, which benefits the overall school environment, students and personnel.

Clean Facilities

You want to send your child to a preschool that prioritizes hygiene, cleanliness and organization. Although, classrooms may look messy while children are exploring and learning, cleanliness and organization will be clearly visible in preschool programs that maintain strict cleaning procedures. Clean and organized environments reduce stress and minimize the possibilities of disease outbreaks.

Safety is a Priority

Preschools should mitigate risks when and where possible. Be sure to ask the staff about their safety standards and security procedures and how they intend to keep your child safe. Students should be able to learn, explore, and develop without being exposed to safety risks.

A Great Reputation

The best preschool programs will often have an excellent reputation already established (unless they are relatively new). You can find reviews for pre-k programs online by using Google and checking sites like Facebook. You may also get recommendations from parents and other relevant community members. This ensures your chosen program is reliable and reputable in the community.

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