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Week of the young child

This week we join the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in celebration of the Week of the Young Child (WOYC). Here are some great ways in which families can also join in this celebration at home!

Music Mondays

Bring out all the instruments you have at home and have a jamming session with your child! You can play background instrumental music while following its rhythm or just jam along to your own beat!

Tasty Tuesday

Plan a simple recipe that you can cook or bake with your child. Some great ideas are: baking cookies, making a fruit salad, or preparing a pizza!

Work Together Wednesday

Set out building toys and materials to build structures with your child! Your creation can be indoor or outdoor. Share ideas with your child about what you can build and what materials you need to build it! Build a tower, a fort, a cave or anything your imagination allows! Some great toys/materials ideas you can incorporate are blocks, legos, magnetic tiles, animals, play people, leaves, branches, cardboard boxes, paper rolls, disposable cups, etc. The ideas are endless!

Artsy Thursday

Any arts and crafts materials you have at home are great to create some art together! Paint, color pencils, crayons, tempera sticks, glue, collage items, natural materials… You can make the activity more fun by setting out a long piece of paper on the floor outside or creating sidewalk art using chalk!

Family Friday

Plan a special activity to do together as a family! Have a family movie night or family game night, read books, go on a nature walk, go to the park or visit the aquarium. There are so many activities you can do together that do not cost a ton and offer great opportunities to enjoy quality time with your child!

Remember…. our children grow up so fast! There is no better time than today to spend quality time with them and create memories that will last them a lifetime!