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What Activities Will Your Preschooler Participate In at Summer Camp?

Are you excited about summer plans for your preschooler this year? Summer camps offer fun activities that can help keep children engaged and learning over the summer months. Here’s a glimpse at some of the types of activities you might see in a preschool summer camp schedule.
Hands-On Learning
Camps are designed with preschoolers in mind, focusing on experiential learning through summer camp activities like arts and crafts, outdoor exploration, and interactive games. According to Census Bureau data, a third of young children – or 6.7 million – receive care from a nonrelative on a regular basis, including 4.8 million children who attend an organized preschool or daycare facility. At summer camp, your child will get to explore science through activities, like building with blocks, gardening, and examining bugs and plants. They’ll exercise their creativity with art projects using a variety of mediums, like paint, glue, and recycled materials.
Social Development
Part of the preschool summer camp experience is getting to interact and play with other children. Planned summer camp activities offer opportunities for teamwork, collaboration, following rules, and making new friends. Expect group games, music and movement, and outdoor free play where counselors facilitate social interactions. As children learn to navigate relationships with peers, camps provide a safe, supervised environment to practice these important social skills.
Exploring Nature
Being outside is a huge part of preschool summer camp. Your child will spend time each day participating in summer camp activities like hiking local trails, discovering the wildlife on nature walks, and exploring open outdoor spaces. Other options include gardening, caring for farm animals, and outdoor water play. All of these summer camp activities encourage active free play and foster an appreciation for the natural world.
New Experiences Every Day
Rather than the same routine every day, preschool summer camps mix things up with different summer camp activities each session. In a given week, your child could build an obstacle course one day, learn basic cooking the next, and explore the outdoors through nature hikes or scavenger hunts. This exposure to new experiences, topics, and ways of learning helps preschoolers grow their interests and skills over the summer months in a low-pressure, fun environment.
Does this help give you an idea of the engaging, developmentally appropriate summer camp in Doral activities your preschooler could enjoy? Camps offer a great balance of social, physical, and cognitive experiences to keep children learning all summer long. We have a great program at Key Point Academy Doral!