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How Piano Lessons Can Impact Your Four-Year-Old

As a parent, you probably spend your time trying to bolster your child’s development. Some extra effort now could pay off for your child throughout life. One of the best things you can do is sign your child up for piano lessons. Keep reading to learn why.

1. Playing musical instruments stimulates the brain

When it comes to hobbies, both interactive and passive hobbies offer unique advantages. Playing a musical instrument, like a piano, is certainly an interactive hobby. Your child will develop various skills while learning to play. Later on, the mental workout provided by learning to play the piano can pay off in school and other academic pursuits. According to a study by the National Institute of Health, playing a musical instrument improves the areas of the brain associated with motor control. This same study also found that musical training is associated with cortical thickening in areas of the brain related to executive functioning, inhibitory control, and the processing of emotions, which can improve working memory, attention control, organization, and planning for the future.

2. Teach patience early on

Learning to play any musical instrument will involve a lot of effort and focus. This will help children learn how to be more patient and to apply their skills consistently. Patience not only benefits children; it benefits the whole family.

3. Let your kid have fun

With small children, they often learn best when they enjoy the activity. Many children enjoy playing musical instruments, including pianos. This makes them more likely to stick with the lessons. Further, it’ll be a lot easier getting your child to do their “homework” if they genuinely enjoy the activity.

4. Helps your child learn structure

When your child goes to school, they may be in for a big change of pace. Classrooms are often more structured than life at home and your child will have to start completing tasks early on. Piano lessons can introduce structure and teaching to a child, making it easier for them to adapt. Children less than a year old can start to pick up school skills, according to Sprig Learning, so it’s wise to start as early as possible.

5. Boost self-esteem

Learning to play the piano at any age takes a lot of effort and skills. Your little ones will feel a sense of accomplishment as they progress through their lessons. This can boost self-esteem and confidence in the long run while also bolstering child development.

6. Learn to Interact Outside of the Family

If you enroll your child in their school’s musical training program, it’ll expose your child to a new adult and help them learn how to interact. Social skills are as crucial as other skills, so it’s smart to give your kid a head start with another educator in their life. Piano lessons can provide that jumpstart.

If you have any questions about child development and playing musical instruments, get in touch. The right lessons and efforts now could pay for years to come. Contact Key Point Academy Doral today to learn more about our individual piano lessons.